Alliance 20

The Greer Amps Alliance 20 is a true dream come true.  Blending vintage American and British tones, this amplifier brings out the best of two classic guitar eras.  The Alliance 20 is a 20 watt, cathode biased, class A amplifier.  It is housed in a 112 combo with a Celestion G12H30, and can be custom ordered as a head. 


Channel 1 is based on a 1950’s tweed champ, with good clean headroom, snarl, and that famous medium gain grind that champs have.  Channel 2 is based on a combination of two British heavyweights, the AC series of amps, and the vintage British 20 watt treble and bass amp.  Channel 1 has only a single volume control and the universal cut switch to allow for treble cut tone shaping.  Channel 2 features volume, treble, and bass controls and the universal cut switch, as well.  Channel 2 is slightly higher in gain than Channel 1, and its controls can have a very subtle impact on the sound of Channel 1.  We suggest keeping channel 2’s volume below 3 when it is not being used, if the user would like to access the subtle tone shaping available on Channel 1.


  • Handwired on a vintage style turret board!
  • Baltic Birch!
  • 20 Watts, Cathode biased Class A!
  • 1x5AR4, 2xEL84 , 3x12AX7!
  • 12 inch Celestion G12H30 speaker!
  • Custom Mercury Magnetics transformers!