Underdog 15

$1500--Head / $1600--112 Combo

The Greer Amps UNDERDOG 15 is our take on the classic 5E3 circuit.  We build two main versions of this amp, both versions available as a head (tolex covered) or a 112 combo (solid pine, covered in lacquered tweed).  The Underdog 15 is very close to the original 5E3 circuit, with some minor tweaks, to make it sound and feel like a broken in tweed beast.  The Underdog 15 features custom Mercury Magnetics transformers, and the highest quality components!

  • Handwired, 5E3 based circuitry!
  • 2x6V6 power section, cathode biased!
  • Classic tweed tones!
  • Available as a tolex covered head or lacquered tweed combo!
  • Combo cabs built of solid pine!
  • 1x5Y3, 2x6V6, 2x12AX7!
  • Combos come with a 12 inch Celestion A-Type speaker!