Better Is Possible Mug

Better is possible.  This world has gone crazy, and it has been trying to drag us all along with it.  As we have been locked away, socially distancing, while things spin out of control, one thing has hit me...better is possible.  What does that mean?  Who does it represent? Is there a hidden message?  Nope.  Better is possible.  That's it.  It's that simple.  We all want better...that's that.  So, on those cooler mornings that are approaching, as summer gives way to fall, and fall to winter, remember...better is possible, and I (Nick Greer) said so.  This mug will help you remember that.  It is a 12 ounce drinking vessel, made of ceramic, with a partial black glaze that has a white speckled fleck, and the slanted Greer Amps '76 logo on it, screen printed in white and athletic gold.  This beauty is one smooth ride for your morning cuppa joe...and, in the afternoon, it'll be there to hold your beer, if you want it to.

Get yours today, and remember...better is possible.