Nick Greer | Greer Amps, LLC

A little bit about Nick Greer: 

When Nick was young, he asked his grandfather a question about life, and how to know what you were supposed to do in life.  His grandfather Allen's response was a short one, "You'll just know when it clicks."  Allen Greer was an amazing man, full of wisdom.  He never said a lot, but what he said was to the point.  "Pick one thing--do that really well, and you'll go far."  Nick always carried those words with him.  People often ask why Greer Amplification makes so many distortion pedals.  The answer is simple.  "I picked one thing.  I didn't like the sounds I was hearing, so I decided I could do it better than some other companies."  That one thing is distortion (overdrive and fuzz included).  Nick has built the signature sound for many guitarists by designing truly unique circuits of his own, and by taking vintage circuits and adapting them, modifying them, and tweaking them so that they hardly resemble their predecessors.  So...why do we build so many distortion based pedals?  Simple.  Nick picked one thing--Grandpa Allen never said you had to do that one thing one way, and each of our pedals have their own unique flavor to add to your tone recipe!


Company Info:

What is now known as Greer Amplification, began in 1998. We started out making pedals for friends, and ourselves, but somehow the word got out, and as a result the demand for our products increased. I don't think we quite knew what we were getting into, but I'm glad we did. With dealers all across the US, and the world, we pride ourselves on making the finest, toughest, best sounding effects pedals and amplifiers on the market.

At Greer Amplification we only use the finest quality components in all of our products. The same amount of detail and care goes into building each item we send out of the shop, whether it be our simplest pedal or our most complex amplifier. We know what it is like to be a working musician. We know what is it like to have to depend on gear night after night. That's why we overbuild every product we make. That's why every product we sell comes with our fully backed warranty. If you love our products, we want to hear about it. If you have problems or suggestions we want to hear about them as well. We believe strongly on working with customers on a one-to-one basis to help them find their sound with our products.  We believe in our products, and the quality of our work.

Thank you for your interest in Greer Amplification, and for supporting us by purchasing our products!

--Nick Greer and the Greer Amps Crew