About Greer Amps, LLC

Greer Amps is a company that was founded on some very basic principles...produce a top quality product, make sure it is the best in class, and offer it at a decent price.  These principles have allowed companies to flourish in the past, and have built loyal customers for many companies.  We hope you enjoy your experience with us, and we're excited to continue our growth.  Want to meet the folks that are building your pedals and amps?  Here you go!

Nick Greer |  Owner/Engineer

Nick likes amps and pedals and guitars...Basically, anything that gets loud and has strings--that's pretty much going to put a smile on Nick's face.  For more info on Nick, CLICK HERE.

Favorite guitar:  All of the guitars.

Favorite pedal:  Super Hornet!

Andy Carter | Production Manager

Andy is the Greer Amps production manager.   He's a master of the 4 string rumble monster, and he has named his soldering iron.  That's right...he has a name for that hot pencil that he uses to build your pedals!

Favorite guitar: Andy's homebrew P/J Bass.

Favorite pedal: Tarpit--heavy tones on bass!

Tim Rowland | Solder Ape
Tim is "certain doom"...yup...he's who Marisa is rescuing possums from.  He's in the metal band WOCCON, and he's pretty dang cute, too.  I mean c'mon...look at that stuffed Gorilla he's holding, those bedroom eyes...you see it.
Favorite guitar:  Gibson Les Paul.
Favorite pedal: Sucker Punch

Gene Woolfolk | Builder of Pedals, Rocker of Noise
Gene builds pedals, plays gitar (yes, gitar), and tours with the bands T Hardy Morris and Plaque Marks.  His previous project, The Powder Room was an awesome wall of noise rock that dominated the sonic senses.  His sense of humor is dark, hilarious, and a bit "off the wall"...he fits in perfectly here.
Favorite guitar: "Lee Ranaldo partscaster Jazzblaster"
Favorite pedal:  Little Samson

Marisa Mustard | Slinger of Solder
Marisa likes to shoot clippings at Andy and Tim...it's her favorite pastime.  She also enjoys rescuing animals...kinda.  She has moved out of Athens, but occasionally can be seen around the shop when visiting...she has to get some solder time in occasionally, it seems!
Favorite guitar:  Home-brew tele thin line with Lollartrons!
Favorite pedal:  Ghetto Stomp!