The Lamplighter features top jacks, runs off of 9 volts only (do NOT try to run this pedal off of higher voltages than 9 volts), and it has the following controls:

Compress—Controls the amount of compression gain.

Comp Mix—At the lowest setting, this allows the signal to bypass the compression circuit, and simply be used as a boost, with very very subtle amounts of compression added in. At the highest setting, this is a full mix of the compression circuit. Think of this control as a reverse “clean blend” control.

Treble—This control is a universal control, that effects the tonal range of the pedal, no matter the Compress and Comp Mix settings. When set higher, it can get a bit gnarly, and sharp sounding—it’s a lot of fun!

Volume—Simply put, it controls the output volume 

Release toggle—This toggle has 3 positions.


M-This setting is for a medium release setting.
F-This setting is a fast release setting, and is great for super subtle compression.
S-This setting is a slow release setting, great for slide guitar, or long sustaining chords, it provides a “bloom” of beautiful sustain that is unparalleled.