Supermass Neck Plate

These neck plates are made in America, from high quality COLD ROLLED steel...they're THICK!  .125" thick, to be exact!  While you may want a light body, and all that jazz, the neck plate is integral to all bolt-on guitars.  It's the key part of the most important joint on these guitars.  That's why we had these made.  They are finished in "Gun Metal" finish, over raw steel, and have the Greer Amps "Ranger" logo stamped into them...we've experimented with different neck plates, different materials, and different thicknesses...this is the one that Nick fell in love with, we're sure you'll love it, too!

What happens when you change out your thin neck plate for one that isn't made of some amalgamation of pot-metal and old beer cans?  SUSTAIN, TONE, AND BETTER TRANSFER OF STRING VIBRATION!

  • Made in America!
  • Thick 1/8" (.125") COLD ROLLED steel, for total tone transfer!
  • Stamped with the Greer Amps "Ranger" logo!
  • "Gun Metal" finish on raw steel!
  • Fits most standard 4 bolt neck joints

***Neck plate does not come with neck screws, simply reuse your old ones, or purchase new ones through a parts retailer.