NEW PRODUCTS!!! 390 OD & 2014 Ghetto Stomp

March 04, 2014

GREER AMPS announces two new products to our line. Both items will be available 03/04/14, and the first run of both products will be limited to 30 pieces of each, total.  They will be marked as first run units.


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The 390 Vintage Overdrive/Preamp is our take on the classic DOD 250 Overdrive Preamp, with many upgrades, to provide the player with a much better tone, more flexibility from the pedal, no tone sucking in bypass (true bypass), an LED to indicate operation, power filtering to lessen power supply noise, and all around awesome design.

The new 2014 Ghetto Stomp is our first pedal to be offered in a powder-coated, screen printed enclosure.  We will be offering this new version of the Ghetto Stomp, and the old, hand painted version.  Here are the differences in the two versions:

 Hand Painted Ghetto Stomp:

Vintage tweed/Valco/Supro type tones.

Hand wired in Athens, GA, using old school twist, lock, and solder method, on old school perf board.

Hand painted, with painted lettering, clear coated in satin nitro lacquer.


2014 Powder Coated and Print Ghetto Stomp:

Vintage tweed/Valco/Supro type tones, slightly brighter than the hand painted version, with a touch more gain.

Hand wired in Athens, GA, using a custom printed circuit board, and board mounted potentiometers.

Powder coated and printed logo, featuring the Greer Amps Beard and Bolts logo!