Greer Lightspeed Organic Overdrive Reviewed by Tone Report Weekly!

April 05, 2014

The good folks over at Tone Report Weekly have reviewed our Lightspeed Organic Overdrive!  The review went amazingly well, and they fell just as in love with the Lightspeed as we (and many of our customers) have.  The verdict?  You need's a great overdrive, and one of the best ones on the least that's how we read it.  Want to see the review for yourself!?  Click the link:  Tone Report Weekly | Lightspeed Organic Overdrive Review.


Once you read the review, you'll want to get one of these fabulous handmade overdrive pedals...Here is the link to our page, where you can purchase:  Greer Amps Lightspeed Organic Overdrive.


If you'd like to purchase from one of our dealers, feel free to contact them, through their website or phone number.  Our dealer list can be viewed here:  Greer Amps Dealers.


As with all Greer Amps pedals, the Lightspeed Organic Overdrive features our lifetime warranty against any issues involving workmanship.  All Greer Amps pedals are built to provide a lifetime of sonic bliss.  Our products are at home on tour, in studios, and in your home.  Get yours today!